If you own property, “Uncovered” is a must read!

Use the Right Terminology | Mark’s Quick Tips!

Different terminology can have different results when it comes to claims. Mark goes over a few key examples when certain terminology results in the insured securing payment, and when it can result in non-coverage.


If you own property, this book is a must read!

If you think buying insurance means you’re covered, think again!

In this book, Mark Goldwich, public adjuster and insurance expert, reveals the behind-the-scene secrets of what really goes on when you file a claim, large or small. You will be enlightened, then shocked and angry, and finally – EMPOWERED.

Mark provides details from decades of experience in the industry, having worked for one of the largest insurance companies in the country, and as a consumer advocate. These details can save you countless hours of frustration, and many THOUSANDS of dollars of your hard-earned money.

As you will read, when policyholders lose at the hands of those they pay to insure them when things go wrong, it is big, big money!

See what really happens. Protect your property, your money, and your sanity. Learn how, in UNCOVERED.

The information contained in the book is sure to be worth not just 10 times the book price, but 100s or 1000s of times the price.

Think we’re exaggerating? Check out our actual results, and see how much money is at stake when you tangle with the insurance industry. Hey, they didn’t profit over $44 BILLION dollars in 2005 (the year of Katrina) by paying as much as possible!

And if you think that’s because they didn’t pay for Katrina claims until 2006, think again. In 2006, their profits went up to over $63 BILLION dollars!

*The book focuses on hurricanes and other catastrophes in the Gulf states, but applies equally to all types of claims in any part of the country. Whether you have frozen pipes in Buffalo, hail damage in St. Louis, or a kitchen fire in San Diego, CA, the tactics used by insurance companies, and the ways to fight back, are the same.

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