You Need a Public Adjuster After You Find Mold Damage and Mold Contamination

Don’t Let Mold Take Over: Call Goldstar Adjusters for Help

Mold contamination can be a serious threat to your health and your home. It can cause respiratory problems, irritate allergies, and damage your property. Unfortunately, dealing with mold damage claims can be complex, especially with recent changes in insurance coverage. Here at Goldstar Adjusters, LLC, we can help you navigate this challenging situation.

Understanding Mold Damage and Insurance Coverage

Mold can grow due to various reasons, some of which may be covered by your insurance policy, like a sudden burst pipe or roof leak. However, some policies now exclude mold coverage entirely, or offer limited coverage for an additional premium.

Goldstar Adjusters: Your Mold Damage Advocates

Our experienced public adjusters in Florida understand the complexities of mold damage claims. We will work diligently to assess your situation, including:

  • Determining the source of the mold contamination
  • Identifying the type of mold present (testing may be necessary)
  • Assessing the extent of the damage to your property

Navigating the Claims Process

We’ll review your insurance policy and advise you on whether coverage may apply. Goldstar Adjusters will be your advocate, negotiating with your insurance company to ensure you receive a fair settlement to cover:

  • Mold remediation costs
  • Property repairs and replacements
  • Additional living expenses, if needed

Focus on Your Health and Your Home, We’ll Handle the Claim

Dealing with mold damage can be stressful. Goldstar Adjusters can take the burden off your shoulders. We’ll handle the communication with the insurance company, manage the paperwork, and ensure a smooth claims process. This allows you to focus on what matters most – your health and getting your home back to a safe and healthy environment.

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