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Improve Your Claim Recovery by 10%

How would you like to improve your claim recovery by 10%? Mark gives a quick tip to how that can be done. Believe me, it is so simple!

Accidents happen, but insurance claim disasters are avoidable. Call an insurance claim EXPERT (Public Adjuster) to represent you all the way through your claim. What you DON’T know about insurance WILL cost you!

I actually had two former clients whose houses burned down and they received no payment for their losses, even six months after the fact. The adjuster for one of those clients felt that since they had a large amount of contents in storage facilities, they must be trying to claim the items in storage were lost in the fire. They didn’t.

Insurance is one of the most confusing but necessary products you will ever purchase. A policy may cost only hundreds of dollars a year (and going up yearly!), but covers tremendous assets … your homes and businesses and personal property. People know enough to buy insurance, but don’t know enough about the insurance they buy.

The Numbers Speak For Themselves.

Gold Star
Gold Star
$31,176.73$93,997.37 $62,820.64201%
$0 (below
$0 (denied)$39,926.13$39,926.13infinite
$12,924.54 $155,741.40$142,816.861,105%
$69,756.66$184,200.00$114,443.34 164%
$12,029.04$87,583.15 $75,554.11628%
$6,000.00$62,013.27$56,013.27 934%
$0 (below
$0 (denied)$15,099.00$15,099.00infinite