Why You Need Gold Star Adjusters

Be Prepared for when the storm hits!

There is no such thing as being too prepared. Mark goes over 5 tips to help you and your family prepare for this years hurricane season!

Hurricane Season Is Here:
What You Need To Do To Be Prepared.

Don’t wait until you’re faced with needing to file a claim. There’s a lot you should do BEFORE you deal with an insurance company. Even if you don’t experience the wrath of a hurricane, almost anyone can suffer damage to a home or business property. You need to always be prepared.

Strong winds, flooding from a sudden storm, or lightning damage can happen without warning. And the possibility of water leaks, or being a victim of theft/vandals is just as real a danger.

The best thing you can do is to be prepared and to know what you need to do as soon as a disaster strikes or a loss is incurred.

Gold Star Adjusters Helps After the Storm.

We prepare, submit and negotiate the claim on your behalf, and only with your best interests in mind.

What Happens after Disaster Strikes?

When disaster strikes, people try to handle the claim themselves. Or worse, they leave the claim handling up to the insurance company, hoping they will be treated fairly and get paid what they are entitled to under the policy. Especially at a time when insurance company resources are critically overtaxed, you have better odds of winning in Vegas than getting a good adjuster.25px

Unless you are experienced and trained in insurance claims, handling your own major loss would be like defending yourself in court, or performing your own root canal!! That’s where we come in. We know insurance. More importantly, we know insurance claims.

We are Florida insurance adjustment experts, and we will work only for you. We prepare, submit and negotiate the claim on your behalf, and only with your best interests in mind. We are able to explain the process, and inform you of your options every step of the way. Having decades of experience with the largest insurance companies in the country, we know what it takes to present a claim, and achieve the maximum settlement for your loss.

Insurance policies are confusing, and company adjusters are only human.

They have varying degrees of experience, knowledge and ability, they are under great pressure from insurance companies and other policyholders, and have huge time constraints. The bottom line – they make mistakes – mistakes which could cost you a lot of money. You need Gold Star on your side!

The Importance of Professional Claim Representation

Understand the importance of having professional representation when handling a claim.

Did fire or water damage your property?
Don’t get burned or soaked twice!

Accidents happen, but insurance claim disasters are avoidable. Call an insurance claim EXPERT (Public Adjuster) to represent you all the way through your claim. What you DON’T know about insurance WILL cost you!

I actually had two former clients whose houses burned down and theyreceived no payment for their losses, even six months after the fact. The adjuster for one of those clients felt that since they had a large amount of contents in storage facilities, they must be trying to claim the items in storage were lost in the fire. They didn’t.

Insurance is one of the most confusing but necessary products you will ever purchase. A policy may cost only. hundreds of dollars a year (and going up yearly!), but covers tremendous assets … your homes and businesses and personal property. People know enough to buy insurance, but don’t know enough about the insurance they buy.

Insurance is not an exact science. The settlement is subject to interpretation and negotiation.

An insurance policy is a contract. It is not a guarantee you will receive all you are entitled to.

Claims can be filed years AFTER they happen, or REOPENED again even after they have been CLOSED or DENIED.

How your claim is interpreted and negotiated can greatly affect the amount of money you receive, or how your property will be restored or replaced.

The insurance company adjuster represents the insurance company.

Even if you already received payment from your insurance company, you can still hire a Public Adjuster to re-examine the entire claim to see if additional monies are owed … and if history is any indicator, you are probably owed a bundle! Best of all, our re-examinations are FREE!