What Our Clients Say About How Gold Star Helped Them Recover

Gold Star Really Helped

Customers speak up about how Gold Star represented them in dealings with the insurance companies.

“After a flood devastated our home, we tried to work with our insurance company, who offered us $82,487.48. We knew this was not enough, and felt we were not being paid fairly. We did some research and learned about Mark Goldwich and Gold Star Adjusters®. Mark was great to work with, kept us at ease, and pursued the full amounts owed. With Mark’s help, we just got a new settlement of $193,370.17. This is $110,882.69 more than the original offer! The lesson here is simple, “hire Gold Star and get what is owed!” – M.M., Jacksonville

“When a storm damaged our home, a friend suggested we have Mark at Gold Star help us with the claim. Not only did Mark get us paid for all of our damages without any hassle, he explained how a prior claim from 3 years ago was not handled right. We got $7,191.26 for the storm damages, which was great, but when Mark explained how we would be getting another $11,203.50 for that 3-year old claim we had all but forgotten about, we nearly fell out of our chairs! Talk about going above and beyond – this was more than we ever could have expected. Mark is unbelievable!” – K.H, J.H., Jacksonville

“I didn’t know a lot about insurance, but I knew my settlement wouldn’t cover the damages. Luckily, a friend told me about Gold Star. Mark Goldwich came out right away, after hours, and stayed past 8pm inspecting my interior damages. He then came out again to look at the outside of my home. Mark was very thorough, and got another insurance company adjuster to review the whole settlement. The insurance company then came up with an additional $33,088.19, over and above what they initially paid. Fantastic result thanks to Gold Star!” – T.C., Shorewood Drive

“We are delighted with the settlement that Mark Goldwich arranged for us ($139,000 more than our insurance company originally paid). He was diligent and handled the case very professionally. It was a pleasure working with Gold Star. Thanks Mark and Gold Star Adjusters®.” – M.T., H.T., Gulf Breeze

“When a contractor negligently damaged my home, I thought his business insurance company would take care of things. Little did I know I would be in for the ordeal of my life. First they low-balled me, offering a ridiculous $1,250, and then they dragged their feet. I’m so glad I found Mark Goldwich with Gold Star Adjusters®. Mark refused to let this insurance company avoid their responsibility, no matter how hard they tried. Mark got me $15,000 – that’s over 10x what they tried to get away with paying – and while this wasn’t a major loss, Mark treated me like I was his biggest client! Gold Star is a great service!” – B.W., Jacksonville

“I couldn’t be happier with the results by Mark Goldwich of Gold Star Adjusters®. After months of getting nowhere with the claim, I decided to sell what was left of my badly damaged property and just move on. Then I heard about Mark and Gold Star. Mark agreed to deal with the insurance company even though I had already sold the property. My insurance company continued to drag their feet, but Mark did not give up, and they finally increased their payment from a measly $7,690.43, to a whopping $128,947.27! Being in a profession where ‘time is money’ the fee I paid Mark was small compaired to the time away from my business I would have lost trying to settle the claim myself. Nice going, Mark!” – D.S., Florida “We had a rental home get run into by a stolen car. Our insurance company tried to settle for a low amount of $12,581.02, and even hired an engineer to back them up. Rather than fight with them on their terms, I hired Mark Goldwich with Gold Star to fight for us. And fight he did, getting us a total of $45,661.75! Great job, Mark!” – S.J., Jacksonville “After a pipe broke in my shower wall, my ‘good hands’ insurance company denied my claim and refused to pay a penny. A friend told me about Mark Goldwich and Gold Star Adjusters®. Well, the ‘good hands’ people tried to ‘drag feet’, but Mark would not give up and he got my claim paid. Don’t let your insurance company push you around – get with Gold Star and get all you deserve!” – G.G., Jacksonville

“When Allstate first estimated my loss to be $5,551.44, I knew I could not get the work done for that amount. Thank goodness I heard about the great work Gold Star Adjusters® has been doing. Mark persisted and got me another two checks totaling $35,351.06 more! I could never have gotten this much without Marks help. Thank you so much!” E.G., Miami “After a storm knocked a huge tree down onto my home, the last thing I wanted to do was deal with the insurance company. A neighbor told me about Mark Goldwich at Gold Star Adjusters®. This was just what I was looking for – a professional to deal with all the insurance company hassles and get me everything I was entitled to on the claim, saving me headaches and time away from work, and making sure the insurance company didn’t short me. I hear others who put up with months of aggravation and low-ball settlements, and I say, “Why? Just call Mark!” I wouldn’t do it any other way!” – J.B., Jacksonville

“We were so upset after receiving a letter from State Farm saying our loss was not covered by our policy. We didn’t know what to do, or even if anything could be done. Fortunately, we heard about Gold Star. In no time at all, the experts at Gold Star were able to get State Farm to reconsider their position and pay for the damages – the same damages they just told us weren’t covered! It pays to have an expert on your side! Thanks for all your hard work.” – L.D., G.D., St. Augustine

“After a water leak damaged my new wood floors and some furniture, my insurance company only wanted to pay $11,086.23. I knew that was not enough, but they refused to pay what my contractor said it would cost, about $30,000. So I called Mark with Gold Star. The insurance company continued to stall, but ended up paying $33,136.19 (that’s 3 times as much as they wanted to pay me!). Hiring my own adjustment expert was the best move I could make!! My advice – get an expert like Mark Goldwich on your side!” – E.S., Jacksonville

“I was very disappointed when I was declined payment following the hurricane. All I was told by my insurance company was my loss was below my deductible. Then the insurance company went out of business! I didnt know what to do. Luckily, a friend told me about Gold Star. Mark came and knowing the proper channels, he got me $22,215.13! Wow! Thank goodness for Gold Star!! I also want to mention that Mr. Goldwich is one of the most professional and thorough persons I have ever had the pleasure to deal with.” – L.S., Miami 

“Thanks to Gold Star, my settlement went from $24,988.19 to $53,616.23! That’s over 100% more than they initially wanted to pay! Not to mention, Gold Star handled everything for me, and I was able to get on with my life!! Mark – thank you for all you did for me. Good work!!! Thanks again!” – N.N., Miami

“I had water damage in a bathroom, and hired Mark Goldwich with Gold Star to make sure the claim got paid – unlike prior claims. While he was there, I told Mark about a claim I had 7 years before, which my insurance company refused to pay. Mark not only got me paid on my new claim, but he re-opened the 7 year old claim, and he got that paid too! I only wish I knew about Mark sooner – he is fantastic!” – L.T., Jacksonville

“Mark, my parents are very grateful for your help and for being so courteous. They’ll highly recommend you.” – Ida, South Florida

“Gold Star really saved the day! Hurricane Ivan ruined my home, but my insurance company refused to pay the total loss, and was giving me the runaround. Mark Goldwich not only got them to pay my policy limits, but also got them to pay additional amounts I didn’t even know existed – amounts my own insurance company never told me about! Thanks to Gold Star Adjusters®, I now have the money needed to rebuild.” – S.B., Pensacola

“I was very pleased with the results by Mark Goldwich of Gold Star Adjusters®. Insurance companies can be very hard to work with. Mark made his point and didn’t back down. Mark was patient and thorough, and once he got another insurance company adjuster to come out and review all the damages, plus additional damages from a later rainstorm, the insurance company paid an additional $42,346.23, over and above what they first paid me. Super! Mark was a star with me.” – B.K., Gulf Breeze

“We were amazed with the results by Gold Star Adjusters®. Throughout the process, Mark was calm and reassuring. He was always optimistic about the final outcome, but did not make promises he couldn’t keep. Mark was determined to get us everything we were due, kept after our insurance company, and we ultimately received an additional $80,786.30, over and above the original payment. We are just thrilled! Thanks, Gold Star!” – S.B., Pensacola Beach

“State Farm first estimated our loss to be $2,747.60 below our deductible, and paid us NOTHING. As soon as Mark Goldwich with Gold Star Adjusters® got involved, we felt totally confident, and he never let us down. Mark quickly got State Farm to pay us $39,502.68! Awesome, Mark! Thats even more than we expected!” D.F.,R.H., Miami

“My insurance company of over 55 years was giving me the runaround following a water loss, and wanted me to fight with the contractor they sent (who botched the job). Mark Goldwich with Gold Star Adjusters® got USAA to pay me $47,506.93! Not only was this a fantastic result, it saved me from having to sue both the insurance company and contractor.” – E.H., Jacksonville

“Before going with Mark Goldwich and Gold Star Adjusters®, my insurance company closed my claim after paying only $10,987.29. The big thing was they refused to replace my tile roof. Mark not only got them to pay for the whole roof, but much more they missed, low-balled, and denied. In all, Mark increased my settlement to $35,133.23! Thats an increase of over 200%! I could not believe a result like this was possible! Mark knows his stuff!” E.H., Florida “Mark: Thank you for all your persistent hard work. I appreciate it. Thanks again.” – D.S., Cantonment “Dear Mark, without your help, we would not have the funds needed to repair our townhouse. Now we can finally start to put the nightmare of Hurricane Ivan behind us. We hope we won’t need your services with future storms, but we will call you if we ever do have substantial damage. We will also recommend you to anyone needing your services.” – N.F., Regency Cabanas

“Thanks to Mark with Gold Star, our insurance settlement went from $9,705 to $23,208! Now we have the money to fix our home.” – J.R., Hialeah

I really appreciate the assistance provided by Mark Goldwich of Gold Star Adjusters®. A co-worker told me about Mark, and since my insurance company only wanted to patch my roof for about $250, I figured I would let Mark try to improve this. Did he ever! After Mark met with the adjuster, they agreed to replace the entire roof at a cost of $14,380. My claim payment went from ZERO to over $18,055, and that’s after my large hurricane deductible! I’d say that’s a great improvement! Thanks, Gold Star!” – J.S., Florida

“We are so pleased and grateful for the work Gold Star did in collecting additional money for us on our claim. Our insurance company initially paid us only $10,472.93. Mark was diligent and would not give up until we received another $9,008.20. Thats nearly $100% more than we first got. Thanks for your expert help, Gold Star!” – M.B., Palm Bch Gardens “Thank you for everything. We could not do this without your help…We know now, that we should hire you from day one and not touch anything until you can arrive. That is our new plan for any future hurricanes (settlement went from ZERO to $37,770).” – C.J., Navarre, FL

“Following a water leak that damaged our home, the insurance company only wanted to pay $3,244.65, and that went to their ‘preferred’ contractor. Items were missed and others were poorly repaired. Then we heard about Mark with Gold Star. The insurance company really dragged their feet, but ended up paying us another $10,274.80 (that’s 317% more than they first wanted to pay). Learning we could hire our own insurance expert made a huge difference, and we now understand why insurance companies don’t tell the public we are allowed to get our own adjuster! Thanks for your tenacity Gold Star!” – M.S., Jacksonville