“Exposed” – Helps Homeowners Challenge The Big Insurance Companies

Exposed, by Mark Goldwich

How The Unbalanced Power of Big Insurance Leads to ‘No Claim For You!’


When I wrote “UNCOVERED,” my goal was to help homeowners understand the true nature of their relationship with insurance companies and adjusters following events that resulted in property damage, especially after catastrophes. 

I wanted to help homeowners, most of whom were still reeling from the trauma of a natural disaster, to avoid a second, man-made disaster. Being manipulated, low-balled, or having their claims unjustly denied by their own insurance companies. I knew exactly what these homeowners were up against because I was once an insurance company “insider” familiar with the tactics that insurance companies use on policyholders.

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EXPOSED – Paperback $12.00

EXPOSED – PDF (ebook) $3.95